5 Best Multiplayer Shooting Game For Low End PC

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5 Best Multiplayer Shooting Game For Low End PC

In the times where everyone waits for next big titles, AAA games some of us just want to play any game that there pc can handle. If you come in this category don’t you worry because we have found 5 Best Multiplayer Shooting Game For Low End PC that you can enjoy with your friends online.


WARTEAM has created Warmode, a fast-paced first-person shooter. In a continuing conflict, players must pick between two sides. Earn frags to gain points and enhance your gear by selecting new weapons from a wide arsenal. With the shotgun, take down adversaries up close, or stand back and snipe with a variety of sniper guns. Fight over aesthetically different and packed landscapes where players are squeezed into tight quarters, necessitating quick trigger-finger reflexes to stay alive. Each match is a team death match in which the first team to extinguish the lives of the opposing team wins. To stand out on the battlefield, customize your avatar with a variety of cosmetic accessories such as masks and flags. It is largely regarded as the best multiplayer shooting game in the world.

warmode-best shooting game

Key Features of Warmode:

  • Six Distinct Maps – Compete in six different maps, each with tight corridors that demand caution around every curve.
  • Large Arsenal – Score kills to earn points that may be exchanged for new weapons and equipment.
  • Warmode is meant to operate on practically any PC, with only a 200MB client and light visuals.
  • Earn experience through playing in matches, gaining achievements, and collecting stickers, among other things.
  • Cosmetic goods ? choose from a selection of helmets and banners to personalize your look.


You don’t even need to download this game to play it. You may play this game for free right in your browser. The only issue you may encounter is Russians and people who do not speak English. For good reason, Counter-Strike 1.6 is one of the most popular online team shooters in history. It’s still one of the best and most entertaining games of its genre after more than a decade.

counter strike 1.6 best shooting game

It offers the best settings and is the best spot for gamers to put their mouse abilities to the test. Because you can toss RAM and the processor into an oven and get 99 frames per second all day, this game is still at its pinnacle and not even close to fading.


Zula is an online multiplayer shooting game that is available for free. As a player, you will be able to select between two factions: Zula, a bunch of misunderstood criminals, and Gladio, an international paramilitary outfit that has infiltrated practically every military institution on the planet. There are various game modes in the game, including team death match, capture the flag, free for all, and wanted, with more on the way.

zula shooting game

The clothing and equipment worn by the characters are all based on paramilitary specifications.


Black Squad is a free-to-play multiplayer shooting game with a military theme. With a variety of gaming areas, modes, and weaponry to select from, you can hone your talents and show off your strategies. Join tens of thousands of other fps players across the world in one of Steam’s most popular games. The game types in Black Squad are a lot of fun, and they’ve put up a well-rounded range of alternatives.

black squad

Classic TDM, VIP, and Demolition, as well as 5v5 and 8v8 games, are available.
Players will find the community to be kind and welcoming, and they will have a fantastic time playing this game.


Smilegate, a South Korean video game company, has released Crossfire, a multiplayer tactical shooting game. Players can play as one of two mercenary sides, global risk or blacklist, and compete in a number of game styles. Every match earns players experience, and they can progress through over 100 ranks.


More goods are available to buy with Crossfire’s in-game cash as you progress through the rankings. To set yourself apart from other players, you can buy game points, GP premium products, and special skins with real money. Crossfire is a light-weight first-person shooter that throws players into conflict immediately after the game starts.


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