5 Best PC Games Of The Year 2021

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5 Best PC Games Of The Year 2021

So before starting with our Best PC Games Of The Year 2021 list am pretty sure that their are many other games which can be part of this list but as you know its not possible to play every single game that hit the market. If you have played these games you definitely had a good time and if you didn’t played then what are you waiting for. Just choose one of these 5 games and am sure you are not going to disappoint


The survival crafting genre is built around the concept of scarcity, with games frequently exploiting scarcity as a motivator for the player.
Valheim completely abandons this design, instead encouraging players to pool their resources for the greater good of all.


It’s refreshing to play a game that simultaneously discourages and discredits individualism in a genre that generally promotes it.
Valheim has built a survival game that has rewritten the rules of the genre for the better, based on ideas borrowed from Terraria.


The underlying material, Swiss folklore, is Mundaun’s greatest strength.
The exploration and puzzle-solving-based approach isn’t very unique, but the tale it allows is mysterious and interesting enough to keep it moving.


Its tempo is further aided by how skillfully the game merges exploration and scripted sequences, mixing the two so seamlessly that the game’s odd happenings come together in an almost dreamy manner. Its darkest moments don’t feel cinematically pushed on the player, but rather as though they happen to?or with?them.
The visuals, for example, frequently use light and shadow to progress the scenario, relying on the player’s position in the room.

3.Hitman 3

It’s like being put into a random improv situation when you play Hitman 3.
You’re continuously altering components, objectives, and outfits, making care to stay in character until your target is eliminated.

Every level is a performance, and each one is different and interesting. Each contract sends you to a variety of aesthetically stunning locales throughout the world, establishing flexible environment-specific boundaries while also encouraging you to test them (or even throw it all out and do it your way).


IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 has a straight-forward plot and overall idea, but it manages to be one of the funniest games I’ve played in a while thanks to brilliant prop comedy and funny, well-written NPCs.
Hitman 3 has shown to be a well-constructed murder sandbox full of drama, fashion, and opportunity after spending a lot of time in its beautiful and tiny world.

2.Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village goes to tremendous measures to create a menacing environment. With an unusual undercurrent of lightness?plenty there’s of fear. Just as there was in Resident Evil 7, but there’s also a layer of goofiness that significantly cuts the tension.
That’s fantastic.


From UFOs in Silent Hill to stupid dialogue in Until Dawn, Resident Evil has always been goofy. Horror games in general are full to the brim with cheese and weird circumstances.
Allowing the viewer to directly engage in the horror by managing the game’s core victim results in some amusing moments, whether intentional or not. I’ll never forget the first time I played Alien: Isolation. With a friend and discovered the hard way that crawling in a vent isn’t actually safe.

I should giggle about my naive experience sitting through a horror movie when I recall it.
I should be excited to scare my pals with it, to smile as they leap from their seats.

1.It Takes Two

Co-op game for two players
The commonplace settings of It Takes Two provide an opportunity. To experiment with mechanics and gameplay aspects that the game will throw at you.
Every level delves into a gimmick or series of gimmicks before moving on to the next, ensuring that it remains remarkably fresh virtually the entire time.


You could be playing a shooter one second and then a hack and slash the next.
I don’t want to give anything away about my personal favourite. But the number of bizarre events that come together to make it happen is nothing short of incredible. Little of it ?s logical out of context. But It Takes Two also comes across as such a videogames for the purpose of being a videogame, which, while I admire that, means the game frequently shoots its own story in the foot.

The game asks you to care about their upcoming divorce and the impact it will have. On their kid while also assigning you the ridiculous duty of regularly shooting down wasps or murdering plushies!
It compels the player to either reconcile these illogical aspects or concentrate on one thing at a time.
I’d already turned down my brain and decided to focus on the vibrations rather than the storey by the time I got to anything I’ve mentioned.


All the games we talked about here are best in the way we want to play games so its totally possible that you don’t relate to us. That’s totally fine as that makes us humans, have our own views on a topic.

This is all from us for this year but if there is any other game which deserve to be in this list. You can tell us about it in comment section we definitely appreciate your valuable comments

Best PC Games Of The Year 2021, Best PC Games Of The Year 2021.

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