8 Best Minecraft Texture Packs For 1.17.1

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8 Best Minecraft Texture Packs For 1.17.1

ALL Topics we covered here:-

1.How can you download and use Texture packs in your Minecraft world

2.Best minecraft Texture packs for 1.17.1

  • BetterVanillaBuilding
  • Clarity Minecraft Texture Pack 1.17.1
  • Depixel
  • Dramatic Skys
  • Firewolf HD 3D
  • LUNA HD Minecraft Texture Pack
  • MineBricks
  • RTX Ray Tracing Pack Minecraft 1.17.1 Texture

How can you download and use Texture packs in your Minecraft world

Texture packs and resource packs are the same thing with different names in Minecraft.
So don’t worry about what the title of the pack you download says; both will function as expected.
With that stated, here’s how to get Minecraft Texture Packs and Resource Packs, as well as how to install and use them:

  • Texture and Resource Packs are available for download.
  • You don’t have to extract them because they’re usually in Rar or Zip format.
  • Now you may begin playing Minecraft.
  • On the menu, select the Options option.
  • Select “Resource Packs” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Open Resource Packs Folder” from the drop-down list.
  • Simply drag and drop the Resource or Texture Pack file into the Minecraft folder that appears.
  • After that, look under “Usable Add Ons” for the newly added Texture Packs.
  • Simply choose your preferred Minecraft Texture Pack or Resource Pack and begin playing the game.

Best minecraft Texture packs for 1.17.1

We have gathered some of the best minecraft texture packs available for 1.17.1 below:-


1 2


This addon provides realistic textures to all of your Minecraft buildings.
This version, like the others in this list, is optimised for version 1.17.1.

Clarity Minecraft Texture Pack 1.17.1

2 2


This texture pack improves on the vanilla aesthetics by adding a spice of realism to make the environment around you stunning, as its name suggests.


3 2


Do you want to take a trip back in time to the original Minecraft?
Then Depixel Minecraft Texture Pack is the right choice for you.
It sticks to the original textures but expands on them to add more features to the textures.
If a more terrifying zombie is on your wish list, make sure to include this resource set.

Dramatic Skys

4 2


This is the pack to use if you want a realistic sky in your game.
Download without hesitation for your photorealistic creation.

Firewolf HD 3D

5 2


One of the greatest 128 bit HD packs on the market.
This one sticks to the original game while adding 128-bit textures.

LUNA HD Minecraft Texture Pack

6 1


LUNA HD is a realistic Minecraft Texture Pack that focuses on delivering ultra-realism to your game.
The best part is that the Texture Pack is available in three resolutions: 32*32, 128*128, 256*256, and 512*512.
The bundle also includes support for RTX reflections.
The only drawback is that if you have a 4k display, you’ll need the 512x pack, which is exclusively accessible for Patreon members to download.
On the plus side, you can test out the lower resolution bundle before making the major switch.


7 1


If you want to turn your Minecraft world into a Lego park, the MineBricks Texture Pack is the way to go.
This resource bundle transforms all Minecraft blocks into individual Lego bricks in an instant, and it looks fantastic.
This is the ideal method to relive your childhood dreams of living in a big Lego world.

RTX Ray Tracing Pack Minecraft 1.17.1 Texture

8 1


Have you watched the Minecraft RTX teaser and wished you could emulate it without investing in an Nvidia RTX card?
Then you’re in luck, because those official RTX textures have been meticulously adapted for the Java edition.
To play the game in full ray-traced splendour, you no longer need an RTX card.

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