8 Mistakes Free Fire Beginners Make

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8 Mistakes Free Fire Beginners Make

8 Mistakes Free Fire Beginners Make

Although it may not appear to be much, completing a landing in Free Fire is more difficult said than done. These are the eight mistakes free fire beginners should avoid if they don’t want people to think of you as inexperienced. With so many variables to consider in each battle, no two landings in-game are identical. To avoid making mistakes while landing in Free Fire ranked matches, use these suggestions. (Image courtesy of Garena Free Fire) To avoid making mistakes while landing in Free Fire ranked matches, use these suggestions.

A new player will require some practice to master the mechanics of a game, especially Free Fire. New players tend to explore in order to better understand the game, while expert players may find it amusing.

This is made even more difficult during a rated match when points are at stake. While the majority of players make it to the ground and gain riches, others fail due to blunders and are eliminated shortly after landing.

The Top 8 Mistakes Beginners Make When Playing Ranked Games in Free Fire


1) Dropping into hot-drop zones

In Free Fire-rated matches, the most important thing to avoid is landing in a hot-drop zone. Players should avoid these places unless they are confident in their ability to take out many opponents while being third-parties.

Dropping outside or near hot-drop zones is also not a good idea since opponents frequently grab the treasure and spin outside to avoid being annihilated. Players that arrive here will be left with no treasure and will be easy prey.

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2) Never Bringing a First-Aid Kit

The first rookie error is that new players sometimes neglect to bring their medkit. A medkit is an essential item that players should always have on hand, especially in a battle royale game when players can shoot at you from any direction.

As a result, as a newbie, you should always keep a medkit in your luggage. If feasible, bring a large number of medkits to distribute to your teammates. Always remain in an open area.


3)? Delegating the Selection of A Drop Place to A More Experienced Colleague

When playing Free Fire with an experienced colleague, players frequently prefer to fall in regions that are more difficult than others. While this may work in some instances, it is best avoided by players.

Allowing more experienced teammates to determine a drop site is frequently a two-edged sword. They seek locations with good loot as well as opponents prowling about. While this may not be a problem for them, it may be a problem for players.

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4) Breaking Away from Teammates and Plummeting Solo

Staying close is essential during ranking team matches in Free Fire. Some players, however, dislike being team players. They frequently leave the group to hunt more treasure or to try to get some early eliminations.

Most of the time, this results in disaster, as the player is confronted with an entire opposition squad and is either eliminated or pinned down. This will have an effect on the rest of the team, as they will try to rush in to fix the situation and will almost certainly be terminated as well.


5) Excessive Jumping

The fourth mistake that newbies frequently make is jumping out of the plane too quickly. You must first determine which area is the most strategic before making your jump in order to obtain the better treasure. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary clashes with other players and will help you remain longer in the game.

When you’re excellent at the game, leaping off early won’t give you any problems because many people choose to get a lot of kills rather than play it safe.

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6) Approaching Opponents Too Closely

Landing close to or with an opponent isn’t a significant concern in standard Free Fire matches. Most of the time, they split up as soon as possible to avoid fighting and acquire booty. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in rated matchups.

Landing near to opponents in ranked matches may result in a terrible outcome because the main goal of a ranked match is to secure eliminations. Players will be pursued about while being punched, and the situation will worsen if the enemy player is using a character like Kla.

7) Last-Minute Change in Drop Location

Changing the drop position at the last minute is by far the worst thing that players should avoid when landing in Free Fire. While it may become required due to unforeseen events, most players do it at random.

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8) Always Remain in An Open Area

The final error that rookie Free Fire players frequently make is remaining in open space. As a result, you were an easy target for other gamers. Stay close to a building for protection and avoid being out in the open.

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