All Epic Weapons In COD Mobile And How To Get Them

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All Epic Weapons In COD Mobile And How To Get Them
The rarity of COD Mobile weapons is divided into several categories. Each of these categories is represented by a different color. Purple represents the Epic side, and the Epic weaponry in COD Mobile is among the best in the game. This type of weaponry is noted for having excellent statistics in terms of effective range, accuracy, and damage.So, how can you obtain Epic weaponry in Call of Duty: Mobile? To learn more, keep reading the article.

Battle Pass COD Mobile

Epic Weapons can be obtained through the Battle Pass. In COD Mobile, the Battle Pass is the first step in obtaining these Epic weaponry. These Epic weapons are only available with the Battle Pass for each season. To purchase the regular Battle Pass, you’ll need 400CP.
You may also buy Battle Pass bundles for 800CP to get all Epic prizes. Epic weapons can also be obtained through crates (which can be purchased), in-game events, and fortunate spins.

Top-Epic COD Mobile Weapons

Razorback Stirrup – Level 1 of the Premium Pass grants access to this SMG.
Its manoeuvrability, velocity of fire, and accuracy. Furthermore, the Stirrup skin has a stunning aesthetic and a unique knock-out effect. A quickdraw magazine and a grip can be added to make it more durable and dangerous.

Razorback Stirrup-cod mobile

MK2 – Brushstroke – The only sniper gun in CODM Season 4’s Epic Guns list is this one. Players will receive the Battle Pass after they reach the highest level. As a sniper gun, it has a longer effective range than the previous four weaponry. Furthermore, the damage per hit is really high.?

MK2 - Brushstroke

RUS-79U – Wretched – Another SMG designed for close combat is the RUS-79U. As a result, it possesses a rapid rate of fire and is exceedingly maneuverable. The pistol skin on Wretched also has a distinctive knock-out effect. It’s available at level 10 of the Premium Pass.?

RUS-79U - Wretched

M4 – Spurred – This assault weapon’s effective range is ideal for both short and mid-range combat. It features a high rate of fire as well as a high rate of mobility. As a result, the targets of this weapon take a lot of damage per second.

M4 - Spurred

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