Are There Classes and Races in The New World?

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Are There Classes and Races in The New World?

Are There Classes and Races in The New World?

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New World Races and Classes

With its lack of playable races and unique take on how classes work, New World deviates from the typical MMORPG paradigm. Instead of us selecting a class during character creation, this article will explain how classes are related to your weapons and skills in New World.

As is customary with new MMOs, there is a plethora of new information to uncover and learn about. Of course, the most significant aspect is who you’ll be playing. What races are there in the New World, what factions exist, and what class will you choose? The answers to these questions change slightly in New World, so let’s take a look at the classes, races, and Factions you’ll encounter when you play.

While deviating from the norm, the method works remarkably well, allowing players to level up and design builds that aren’t too constrained.


Attributes of New World Leveling

The Core Attribute system replaces classes in New World. This allows players to select from a variety of fighting methods based on the distribution of their Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution qualities.

The advantage is that you are not limited to role-based playstyles. Long DPS dungeon lines and a constant scarcity of tanks are no longer an issue. You can be both in New World!


New World Races and Classes

In New World, unlike most MMOs, there are no classes or races to choose from. Everyone will play as a human because this is a fantasy-inspired take at exploring new regions in the 1600s. Furthermore, there are no classes to select while creating a character in New World. Instead, you’ll shape your character in ways that are unique to your playstyle and interests, allowing you to make your character your own through play.

As you interact with the universe, you will gain Core Attributes, which will help define what your character excels at. You’ll also learn Crafting and Weapon skills, allowing you to specialise your character in any way you like. This means that nothing is predetermined at the outset of the game; as you play, you’ll select what interests you, and your character will respond appropriately.

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Which Faction Should I Join in the New World?

Factions battling for control of Aeternum’s enormous stretches of uncharted land have replaced races in the New World. Players will be asked to join one of three factions at some point during the main quest.

Choose between the warlike Marauders, the shady Syndicate, and the ever-faithful Covenant. While not a race system, New Environment’s factions bring life to the world, with numerous PvE and PvP activities related to one’s Faction.

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In the New World, there are factions.

As you progress through New World, you’ll come across three separate Factions vying for control of the realm of Aeternum. Each has a distinct vision for this new land, and each will go to any length to seize power. The Faction system is how you will be able to conquer Territories in their name, as well as how the game’s PvP will work.

The Covenant

The Covenant, a cult of fanatical templars devoted to their trust in the light of the Spark, wishes to spread their religion throughout Aeternum. Obsessed with truth, justice, and righteousness, they intend to rid the world of heretics and unbelievers at whatever cost.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate are thinkers, philosophers, thieves, and worse who lurk in the shadows. They embrace humanity’s evil side, diving into the unknown to return with long-forgotten mysteries. They intend to usher in a very new era of enlightenment for all humanity and will go to any length to achieve their objectives.

The Marauders

The Marauders place a premium on strength above all else. They intend to establish a nation free of controlling and restricting norms, relying instead on martial ability and strength to judge your worth in their order. The weak will be trampled on by The Marauders, while the power will become settlement leaders and rule with an iron fist.

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Sword and Shield Plus Life Staff Combo – New World

New World’s Weapon Mastery System works in tandem with the revised attribute system. Players will be allowed to use all weapon types from the outset, with no exceptions. Once you reach level 5, you’ll be given a second weapon slot.

Combat will be determined by the weapons you use and how specialised your traits and armour are to match your loadout. Experiment with different combinations to develop your own playing style!

In contrast to previous MMOs, New World debuted with no playable races. Players, like the rest of the adventurers that wash up on Aeternum’s shores, will only be able to play as humans. Everyone begins with identical stats, so if you want to stand out among the countless stranded survivors, take your time developing your character. Make use of New World’s comprehensive character creation tools to leave your imprint on the server.



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