Battlefield 2042 Character & Specialties

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Battlefield 2042 Character & Specialties

Battlefield 2042 is the next step forward for the seasoned military shooter, with its largest multiplayer sandbox to yet. Electronic Arts raises the stakes to 128-player matches in a variety of massive settings. In addition Taking advantage of the newest PC technologies. It also includes a new “Specialist” system, which is a change from standard class warfare. But with a Battlefield twist that returning veterans will appreciate.

When Battlefield 2042 launches in October, Electronic Arts has committed to ten Specialists, each with their own distinct personality. These warriors each contribute unique powers and gadgets to the team and with more changes on the way. They’re crucial to Battlefield’s new era.

Webster Mackay

webster mackay-battlefield2042

This Specialist adds new usefulness to the Assault class in Battlefield 2042. Which is characterized by quick movement enabled by gadgetry and a passive ability.
The former Canadian soldier, who Electronic Arts refers to as the “lone wolf” of the current multiplayer roster. Broke away from the mob to join the no-pats.

GadgetGrappling Hook:This tool, which is only available in Mackay, is a simple point-and-shoot tool for navigating between maps. When the grappling hook is activated, it latches on to objects and pulls the player forward, often airborne. The grappling hook, on the other hand, only connects in close proximity. Which limits your options in some of the larger multiplayer areas.
TraitNimble: This passive perk increases the speed with which the Specialist can aim down sights on all weapon classes. In addition, It’s perfect for close-quarters combat scenarios, and it complements his agility-focused kit.

Maria Falck

Battlefield 2042 - maria falck

Falck introduces years of medical experience to the Battlefield 2042 roster. Filling the traditional role of a field medic, which was formerly reserved for the Assault class. Her maternal instincts, which the developer claims plays an important role in her goals. Ensures that all of your multiplayer allies are patched up in conflict.

GadgetSyrette Pistol: Falck’s device is an evolution of the classic med-kit from previous Battlefield games, now condensed into a projectile that heals enemies quickly as they pass through its sights.
The Syrette Pistol can also be used as a fatal weapon. In addition, as the same rounds do damage to foes when targeted.
TraitCombat Surgeon: This medic wouldn’t be complete without passive healing traits, capable of reviving enemies with maximum health if downed. Battlefield 2042 has the same squad revive system from Battlefield V. In addition, allows anyone to heal squadmates, but Falck is the only Specialist equipped to deliver the best.

Wikus ‘Casper’ Van Daele


This all-seeing Specialist, dressed in a ghillie suit and always on the lookout for his target. Delivers unparalleled intelligence to your team. In addition, his tools have intrinsic features that let them locate close opponents and can examine the horizon from a birds-eye view.

GadgetOV-P Recon Drone:This device looks a lot like the UAVs from previous Battlefield games, but it’s more advanced and ready for the digital era.
TraitMovement Sensor: This passive ability adds an extra pair of eyes to his character, automatically identifying adjacent foes within his range.
It also works in intense situations while using the OV-P Recon Drone for worry-free intelligence gathering.

Pyotr ‘Boris’ Guskovsky


Boris is a veteran Engineer who wields powerful firepower and is outfitted with an autonomous sentry system making him perfect for holding the line in combat.
This Specialist’s job is to provide supporting fire for your team while also securing key objectives.

GadgetSG-36 Sentry System:Those who enter the range of this automated sentry system will get a continuous stream of gunfire.
TraitSentry Operator Boris has the Sentry Operator characteristic and is well-trained to make the most of his SG-36 sentry.
The Specialist automatically identifies adversaries locked by his turret after forming a unique link with it.

Kimble ‘Irish’ Graves


With its integrated multiplayer narrative, Battlefield 2042 resurrects certain existing Battlefield symbols. With former US Marine Kimble “Irish” Graves now commanding the Exodus no-pat battleship.
In Battlefield 2042, he returns with a new fortification system to assist safeguard your online comrades. Drawing on prior instances of caring for refugees.

GadgetFortification System: The DCS Weapon system Cover, a bulletproof barrier that mounts to any flat surface and repels incoming gunfire and explosives, is included in this two-part package.
The APS-36 Plane shot down Sentinel, a movable box that automatically shoots down surrounding airborne explosives. Can also deflect incoming projectiles.
TraitVeteran:Irish’s passive characteristic, which multiplies enemy soldiers down, grants him additional armour. The ability provides additional protection from oncoming threats to those with a rapid trigger finger.


Constantin Anghel

This character is not yet confirmed and we have no idea if he is going to be added or not but there are some hints addressing that this character can be announced next. Right now we only know that he is reffered as “Journey of the No-Pats”. If you know anything about what this message is reffering to we would like to here that from you guys in the comment section below.We also dont have any leak photos of him yet or any abilities that can help us in knowing whichtype of character he is but guess we have to wait to know more about that.

SO guys i hope you got it and now you have no query about new characters and their abilities. One thing i will like to tell you guys that there is definately going to be more characters but they are not confirmed yet. But as soon as they get announced officially we will definately try to provide you with that information. You guys can comment aswell to let us know if there is anything else you want to know about battlefield2042. You guys can also tell us if there is some problems in our informations. As even after our research we are just humans and humand can do mistakes.

I will like to inform you that at the time i was writing this article The Escapists is going to be free on 23 october on Epic games store. You can check my article aswell if you want to know more about The Escapists and how to play.

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