Best Android security Apps That Will Save You In 2021

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Best Android security Apps That Will Save You In 2021

Smartphones are become an indispensable component of our daily life. Its application is no longer confined to communication. On the contrary, we keep the majority of our sensitive data and information on our smartphones. Android security apps are one of the most popular sorts of apps on Android for this reason. However, if one uses his or her gadget safely, an antivirus program is not required. For example, only download apps from the Play Store, keep security settings enabled, and so on. In this age of data breaches and security risks, a single blunder can result in your phone’s private info being compromised. As a result, it’s critical that you protect your device with some solid mobile security software.

Find My Device

Google’s anti-theft tool, Find My Device, is one of Android’s strongest built-in security features.

find my device

This Android security app allows you to remotely lock, sign out, and wipe your phone’s contents. You can also use the app to see your phone’s location on a map and call it. If you remotely lock your phone, you can write a lock screen message that will remain on your device until you disable it. The Find My Device feature is switched on by default, but it’s a good idea to double-check that you haven’t turned it off by accident.

Go to Settings > Google > Security and touch on Find My Device to verify the status of Find My Device. If the feature is not active, move the toggle at the top of the window to the On position.

Anti-Theft Alarm- Android security app

Anti-Theft Alarm is at the other end of the complexity spectrum.
It’s a theft deterrent with no post-theft functionality such as phone tracking or remote wiping.

 Android security -anti theft alarm

In some instances,This Android security app will emit a loud alarm, as the name suggests.
For example, you can set off an alarm if someone takes or steals your phone while it’s charging, if it’s moved from where you left it, if it’s dropped, or if the SIM card is changed.
If you suspect it has been stolen, you can also trigger the alarm remotely.

Even if your device is set to mute, the alert may ring.
The noise will not cease unless a password is entered, and changing the battery or SIM will have no effect.


CrookCatcher is intended to not only assist you in recovering your phone, but also to provide you with the satisfaction of capturing a thief in the act.

 Android security -crookcatcher

When someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code, This Android security app takes a picture of them and emails it to you right away.
The picture, GPS coordinates and accuracy, an approximated street address, and a map will all be included in the email.
Before the photo is taken and the email is sent, you can adjust how many erroneous entries are permitted.

CrookCatcher differs from the other apps on our list in that it does not deplete your battery.
The app only runs in the background if the erroneous code is input; it is not required to run in the background all of the time.

CrookCatcher is ad-supported and is available for free.

Where’s My Droid -Android security app

There is a free and premium version of Where’s this Android security app.
You may use the free version to find the smartphone using GPS, ring it, create a pass code, erase the SD card, factory reset it, and receive an alert when the SIM card is changed.

 Android security -where my droid

The Elite plan includes capabilities like remote photo capturing, shooting a picture when someone attempts and fails to unlock the phone, geofencing, passive location monitoring, uninstallation prevention, and multi-device compatibility.

The Elite plan is $9 per year or $1 per month.

Other Methods to Keep Your Android Device Safe

Anti-theft apps are only one component of securing your Android device.

You should also ensure that the apps you’ve loaded respect your privacy, that you’ve installed all firmware and operating system upgrades, and that any apps on your device that contain sensitive information are password protected.

After you’ve set up your anti-theft software, be sure you don’t accidentally activate it by forgetting your own passcode.

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