Best Anime Games You Can Play Right Now

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Best Anime Games You Can Play Right Now

The Best Anime Games for Pcs are as varied as the Japan movies, tv programs, and manga that influenced it.
In 2022, there are plenty of anime games for PC to pick from, whether you want to be confined in a school with a cruel remote-controlled bear, defend yourself from massive inhuman creatures, or join a dark book group.

From the greatest games based on Japan’s top export series to the best JRPGs and anime MMOs influenced by the trademark anime style, we’ve got it all.
Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, and Naruto are all present and proper, along with a few additional hidden treasures you may not be aware of.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is indeed a free-to-play RPG unlike anything we’ve seen already.
It has refinement, a strong main storey, a gorgeous and busy overworld map, co-op, cross-play, and a minimal paywall, and it’s an anime game.
While compared it to anime Breath of the Wild will not really capture the whole storey, it does give an idea of how essential the open world is for this game.

When you’ve finished the introduction, the open world will pull you in each and every way, with camps of enemies to wipe out and for boxes, riddles to complete utilizing natural skills, and materials to craft and prepare utilizing.

Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata is the clear winner here.
Despite the fact that the game isn’t based on any well-known anime series, it is still one of the best anime-themed games available, let alone on Steam.
If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s a hack and slash video game developed by PlatinumGames and released by Square Enix.

The entire setting of Nier: Automata is one-of-a-kind, with humanity having long gone instinctive and assigned androids with bringing invaders down.
Aliens have created robots that are recognised to represent a direct threat to the androids at the same time.

The beauty of Nier: Automata is that it is so much more than a conflict between androids and robots.
In fact, it has one of the most unique and incredible stories of any game available on Steam.
The fact that it was created by PlatinumGames adds to the pleasure of this hack and slash game.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a 3D fighting game based on the most popular anime series available. You can play as your favourite characters.
The video game is very similar to other 2.5D games like Tekken.

However, because it’s a Dragon Ball Z game, you’ll be able to play as both heroes and villains from the anime.
The game not only has a plot and a local mode where you can play with your friends, but it also has an online feature where you can play against other random people.

The player is given three characters to assemble.
He can tag and shift out of these characters at any point while fighting the opponent using these characters. One of the best fighting game if i had ever played one. Gives you a chance to play as Characters you always wanted to play as. There are some other games too if you are going to select one and you can go with those games too i just didnot choose all of them as it will just be one type game then and i wanted to have some diversity in this list.

Jump Force, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 are some of those fighting games am talking about and if you like naruto Ninja storm is definately going to take you away with storm. So its up-to you to decide which one to play but dragon ball fighter z is not going to dissapoint you thats for sure.


What do you think of an anime-themed game that combines the best aspects of both puzzles and dating simulators?
Helltaker is one of the year’s greatest independent games.
The video game, created by Lukasz Piskorz of Poland. Is about a nice dude who intends to start a harem of anime demonic chicks.

But, before he can defeat the demons of hell and build a harem. He must first complete a series of stages, each with a difficult problem.
The player will have a restricted number of movements in each stage.
He’ll have to make sure he finishes the level without going over his move restriction.

Persona 5 Royal

Persona is a popular video game franchise that has spawned many anime adaptations.
Unfortunately, the presentation was not as entertaining as the games.
Persona 5 Royal was the highest-rated video game on Metacritic in 2020, which may come as a shock to you.

The game is mostly an RPG in which the player must go through many sets of dialogues as the tale unfolds.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is one of the best anime-themed games currently available on Steam.
The distinctive aspect of this game is that it has a large number of gaming mechanisms. Each of which contributes to the game’s pacing and enjoyment.

The game is mostly an action-RPG in which the player assumes control of Evan Pettiwhisker Tidrum.
The game is entirely played in third-person perspective.
Another fantastic element of the game is that it has both an open-world environment in which the player can freely explore and a series of linear tasks that assist the player progress through the game’s storyline.

The game will automatically transition to battle mode during fighting.
In this mode, the player will have plenty of room to manoeuvre around and avoid enemy attacks while attempting to eliminate the adversary using members from his party.


We Tried our best to provide you with some of the best anime games out there. I really hope you like our list and we will definitely appreciate it even more if you share your thoughts with us . Did you enjoyed these games or any other game that deserved in this list. Tell us about all of it in comments and i will meet you next time

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