BGMI 1.7 Upcoming Upgradable Boat Skin

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BGMI 1.7 Upcoming Upgradable Boat Skin

As a result, BGMI’s developer Krafton introduces new features on a regular basis. Players in BGMI had seen upgradable gun skins, upgradable car skins, and many more. Players are also excited to see these new updates. And in a few days, a new BGMI update will be available. In BGMI, the update is version 1.7. And there are a lot of new things in this new update. Players are also looking forward to the 1.7 BGMI update. And the topic we’ll be discussing in this article is the new upgradable boat skin. Yes, the boat skin in BGMI will be upgradeable. You’ve probably heard or seen a lot of other things that can be upgraded in BGMI. However, in BGMI, this will be held with boat skin. And in this article, I’ll tell you about these Upgradable features.

So the first topic we’ll cover is the BGMI specification for upgradable boat skins. So far as I know, this skin has three boat models that you can upgrade.

First model BGMI 1.7 Upgradable Boat Skin

imgThen So the first model is methic in blue hue with the standard skin. And it is looking so crazy in the standard skin. And so much good design you can see in pink and blue hue. So we can make a lot of improvements in boat. First we may start with the exhaust accessible at the rear of boat. So what you can do essentially is when you speed the boat. You can see some blue flames shooting out of it that is looking absolutely crazy. And when playing your teammates and opponents everyone would be able to see that skin and flames.


  • And one more item you can see at the rear looks like an ornament of a boat or anything else. It is looking like an octopus. Which you may attach to your boat and it will seem like floating in air.
  • You may also put some additional components in you front case of your boat. One is with pointy end and similar it is looking likewise very beautiful. It also improve the stability of your boat very nicely. And certainly it will alter your boat appearance.
  • And you may also connect some additional exhausts to the side of your boat. It will be available in pink hue. That implies that you may see pink flames pouring out of it.

Second BGMI 1.7 Upgradable Boat Skin

imgThe second model that you can see is in pink colour. So I believe that all pink fans particularly females are surely going to adore it. And some of the specs are all most similar as in the blue model.
The third one is in the combination of green and grey and personally I like this one the best and also its remaining other specs are also similar as the other boards which you may upgrade.


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