BGMI 90 FPS Supported Devices List 2021

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BGMI 90 FPS Supported Devices List 2021

BGMI: Battleground Mobile India Supported Devices 90 FPS List 2021: Indian PUBG Mobile players have been waiting for a long time for the BGMI version to be released following the PUBG ban in India, when the Battlefield Mobile India was announced in mid-May. This is significant because it means that BGMI will return to his home country after an absence of more than eight months. Many users are looking for new devices that support 90 frames per second in BGMI 2021.

FPS, or frame rate, determines the smoothness for BGMI to provide users with a better experience. The faster, smoother, and better the game experience, the higher the FPS. After lunch, the BGMI gaming industry is back on track. In the last few months, following the PUBG Mobile ban in India, they have declined, and many users have shifted to other games such as free fire, cod, and other pc games. Not all devices from the brand will support this feature at 90 frames per second. Let’s take a look at the list of 90 FPS-capable mobiles in BGMI.


image?The List of devices that support 90 FPS in BGMI 2021

Currently, only a few devices support 90 frames per second. Players who own any of the devices listed below will be able to play Battleground Mobile India at 90 frames per second.

  • One Plus 7 pro
  • One Plus 7T Pro
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • OnePlus 9 Pro?
  • Mi 10
  • Realme x50 pro
  • Realme x2 pro
  • Mi 11X 5G
  • Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G
  • OnePlus Nord CE 5G

Will Realme X3 support 90 FPS or not In BGMI?

The Realme X3 has a 120 refresh rate display and an 855 processor that can run BGMI games at 90 frames per second. However, the developer states that the 90 FPS game support feature will not be available on this phone. They may add support for 90 FPS games in the future, but for the time being, this feature is disabled in this mobile.

Will iPhone support 90 FPS?

Despite the iPhone’s smooth processor, it still does not support 90 FPS games like BGMI. After a few updates, it may be enabled, but these features remain disabled on the iPhone.

Why Do Only a Few Devices Support 90 FPS in BGMI?

Most smartphones have a 90 Hz refresh rate display, but only a few of them offer 90 fps in games like BGMI, PUBG Mobile, and others.

There are two reasons why it does not support

  • PROCESSOR: With higher FPS, the processor is very important for smooth gameplay. BGMI requires at least 855+ and 865 snapdragon processors for 90 FPS games. Only processors with 855+ & 865 snapdragon or higher can run BGMI at 90 FPS.
  • Display: Even if your phone has a faster processor, if the display refresh rate is low, it will not support 90 frames per second. As a result, for 90 FPS games like BGMI, a display refresh rate of at least 90 Hz is required.

How to enable 90 FPS in BGMI

Users must first set the screen refresh rate for BGMI Game to 90Hz, which can be easily accomplished by navigating through the phone’s display settings. After that, the steps listed below can be taken:

  • Launch BGMI and select the Settings icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Select 90 FPS under the FPS option under the Graphics tab
  • This decision to bring 90 FPS to BGMI is revolutionary and will elevate the BGMI battle royal experience to a whole new level.


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