BGMI Has Announced a Permanent Device Ban For Hackers

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BGMI Has Announced a Permanent Device Ban For Hackers

In order to counter in-game hackers, Krafton, the parent company of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has stated that it would prohibit devices used by gamers to cheat in the popular battle royale game.

The device banning goes into effect on December 24. “Here we would really like to announce an extra punishment for hackers in order to provide fair gameplay and prohibit the usage of illegal initiatives.” Previously, punishments were only applied to accounts, but now mobile devices will be blacklisted as well, making fair gameplay significantly more effective,” the company noted in a blog post.

Previously, game creators banned many accounts discovered hacking in-game features, but these gamers could quickly establish another account and hack into the game.

BGMI “If the newly implemented security logic detects the usage of unlawful apps with a mobile device, the device will be permanently blocked from accessing BGMI,” the developer added.

Hackers implement a variety of cheating tools, such as Aimbot, speed hacks, and X Ray vision, to control various matches and gain an edge over players that play the game fairly.

On networks such as Twitter, one may frequently discover a huge number of individuals complaining about in-game hackers that utilise unfair techniques to win quickly. Many of these tweets are accompanied with audio of hacking players.

BGMI and PUBG New State have now banned a lot of accounts from both games and are enforcing a set of regulations to keep the game as clean and free of cheats as possible. Two weeks ago, the BGMI developer said that it has disabled 25 lakh user accounts from the game for hacking as part of a crackdown on unfair players. Krafton banned 25,19,692 accounts permanently and 7,06,319 accounts temporarily.

Krafton announced a few weeks ago that from next month, BGMI would no longer enable data transfers from PUBG Mobile. The developer has said that the move will take effect after Dec 31, and users will no longer be able to transmit data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI.

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