Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG 2022

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Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG 2022

PUBG Mobile is probably one of the most popular games in the world, not only in India. Players have gone crazy for the adrenaline and excitement of team play tactics and just destroying your opponent in this game. What’s more remarkable is the sensation of victory while murdering your opponents with a headshot. And in order to achieve so, the proper weapons must be used. Especially if you want to kill your opponent with a sniper rifle.

It can be difficult to take down an attacker from a distance with solely SMGs and ARs, as they can only shoot properly to a certain distance. Sniper rifles may not perform well in close and fast-paced combat, but they excel in long-range strikes. Because they need few ammunition, they are excellent secondary weapons for anyone. In the game, there are two varieties of sniper rifles: bolt-action and DMR. And in this Pubg mobile guide, we’ll go over bolt action rifles in PUBG in depth.

Bolt Action Rifles in PUBG

This sniper rifle only fires one round every trigger pull, and the kill relies on your opponent’s armour or gear. The main goal of this Pubg sniper rifle is to hit with one shot, however this is not always the case because elements such as aim, armour, and so on affect the shot kill rate possibilities.

Because players must manually move a bolt to chamber the next round, this sniper weapon is known as a bolt-action sniper rifle. It’s a long process, but the mechanism tends to improve the accuracy of such weapons. In close combat, these firearms are worthless. In PUBG, there are three varieties of bolt action rifles. Let’s take a closer look at these three weapons and their specifications.

AWM: Arctic Warfare Magnum

AWMThis sniper rifle is one of the most powerful PUBG weapons that can be obtained through airdrops. This gun can deliver a headshot that can either kill or knock your opponent unconscious. Its incredible firepower and guaranteed kill or knock out rate make it an excellent pick for gamers looking to engage their opponents in long-range combat.

The gun’s firepower is likewise extremely considerable, and it utilizes 300 rounds, which are also discovered in airdrops. All Compensator, Silencer, Flash hider, and extended magazines accessories available for DMRs and SRs will be mountable. In addition, you can use a cheek pad to lessen vertical recoil when firing. If you want a flawless kill, make sure your opponent is inside your gun’s range of 600 to 500 meters.


M24:Bolt Action Rifle

m24The M24 is one of the rarest types of weapons, along with the AWM. This sniper weapon may be tough to get because it is spread around the map in extremely low numbers. While comparing M24 to AWM, it is the second-best alternative to employ after it. The gun’s range is considerably shorter than that of the AWM, yet in the proper hands, it may be a devastating weapon. The reason for this is that even an adversary with LVL 2 gear in a range of 150m will be unable to withstand the firepower. If there is an issue, the opponent can be brought down in two shots.

The M24’s reload time is fairly rapid, and it utilizes 7.62 mm bullets, which are extremely common in the game. Attachments that are compatible with AWM are likewise compatible with M24. The only difference between M24 and AWM is the range and damage it deals to your adversaries.

Kar98:Bolt Action Rifle

KAR98The Karabiner 98 Kurz, sometimes known as the Kar98, is a popular bolt action rifle in Pubg. This is widely available and widely dispersed over the map. If you shoot your adversary with this rifle at a range of 100 metres and they have LVL 2 gears, you will easily knock them out. However, this will need at least three rounds of shooting. Because the reload time is so lengthy, by the time you shot your adversary three times, it may have already reached a safe location.

Not only that, but your hiding position will be discovered, alerting the adversary and allowing them time to prepare. This will only lead to you being pursued by them. In terms of accessories, the Kar98 allows you to mount a silencer, various scopes, and a cheek pad. The Kar98 also makes use of the widely accessible 7.62 mm ammunition. Each of these bullets will need hand loading. Attach bullet loops to the gun to aid with speedier reloading, which will mitigate one of the weapons disadvantages.

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