Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Code 08 January 2022 (100% Working)

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Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Code 08 January 2022 (100% Working)

Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Code 08 January. Call of Duty Redeem codes is now accessible. To get exciting rewards, get a COD Mobile to redeem the code. Call of Duty Mobile, along with PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, is one of the most famous and loved games among youngsters. The game was built on a Wii plot and has gotten a lot of encouragement from players.

COD Redemption codes could be used to acquire premium items in the game. Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Code 08 January This page contains all of the most recent COD Mobile redeem codes; if we’ve missed one, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list!



  • 4BWM8SYF522N0TS
  • C0N35JHLGF85839
  • 26P7P8OH0AVMXM0
  • 15UP60PZK6X6WTY



  • H7HF976C3622KRC

Please let us know if any of the redeem codes we provided are no longer valid.
They were in good functioning order when we redeemed them.


Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Code 08 January How to Redeem

Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Code 08 January

All you have to do to redeem the COD Mobile codes is follow these steps:

1:Open the Call of Duty Mobile Redemption Center in the first step.

2: Enter your unique identifier (UID) (user ID, which you can find in the Player Profile, underneath your avatar icon).

3: Enter the Redeem Code as well as the Verification Code (the one that appears on the Redemption Center page).

4: Finally, click the Submit button.

That concludes our discussion.
In a few seconds, your items should be added in your ID.
Before redeeming the COD Mobile codes, make sure you have the most recent version of the game to avoid losing your prizes (better safe than sorry, right?).
Check out how to use the controllers in Call of Duty!

We’ve put together a few pointers to help you out in the game so you know precisely what to anticipate from this fantastic mobile FPS.


Take it slowly and familiarise yourself with the controls (and the camera)

If you’ve ever played Call of Duty on a PC or console, you know how fast-paced and stressful the game can be.
Because the player must rely on a much smaller screen to notice the adversaries and respond in time on mobile, the overall intensity (if we can call it that) is slightly diminished.


  • Do you think COD Mobile belongs on a list of the best iPhone shooters?

I recommend playing a few games (about 10-15) to acquire a feel for the game, especially if you’re coming from a larger screen.
I know for a fact that it felt like a completely different game to me!


Play each map and memorise all of the “sweet” spots.

If you’re unfamiliar with earlier Call of Duty maps, you should know that you’ll be able to play in a number of them on the mobile version.
Because they are all different, I recommend playing each one numerous time in a typical battle to understand all of the intriguing places where you can sit with a sniper gun or some stealthy spots where you can ambush your opponents with a grenade.


Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Code 08 January: Invest in the Battle Pass Premium.

COD Mobile has a fantastic Battle Pass, but if you plan on playing several games each day (say, 10 or more), the Premium Battle Pass is a must-have.
The amount of free skins emotes, and other items make the admission price well worth it!

If you don’t mind spending a little more money, the BP package will provide you with a few additional benefits. I frequently choose this choice because I enjoy collecting all of the limited-time rewards!


Choose the best options for your playing style.

If you want a seamless experience, you should adjust the settings on your device.
The shooting mode has the most impact; for example, you may try firing your shotgun from the hip, which works exceptionally well.
You should also experiment with different sensitivities because you’ll be moving and aiming a lot in the game, so having an easy time aiming at opponents is important.

Before you enter any match, make sure you practise all of the tweaks and changes in Practice against AI so you can immediately exit and make any necessary changes.


All of your loadouts can be customised.

The ability to have multiple loadouts is really useful; you can simply create a loadout for a given map and then easily select it before entering the game.
Make certain that all of those loadouts are fixed because it will save you a lot of time.
Even if you’ve just upgraded one weapon, you should experiment with different loadouts based on the map.

You’ll want to employ a strong SMG in Nuketown and Killhouse, for example, because there will be a lot of close-ranged combat.
Because you’ll have enough room to sit motionlessly and take out foes from distance in Crossfire, you can opt for sniper rifles and other long-range weapons.
You can always refer to our list of CODM’s greatest guns!


Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Code 08 January: Conclusion

Try your luck every day once and we hope that you get what you want one day and till then you can play the game try all our suggestions that can help you improve even more and can make your playthrough even more fun. At the same time, don’t stress out at some losses as it’s just a game and losing is a part of it. So you win some and lose some.

All these codes get leaked and used pretty fast so the chances of it working for you is really low so please be patient with it and don’t over try it or get upset over it. It’s the same as winning a lottery and you know how rare is that to happen every day.

This is all, for now, we hope you a great day or night and if you liked this post we will highly suggest you read our other posts and we also give away free redeem codes for google gift-cards and other game titles as well as Amazon gift cards so definitely try your luck everywhere and we hope you win something.

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