CODM Season 9 Leaks- Battle Pass, New Map, Skins.

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CODM Season 9 Leaks- Battle Pass, New Map, Skins.

CODM Season 9 Leaks; Hello Everyone! In this post, we’ll go over all there is to know about Call of Duty season 9, which is leaking day by day. Players will see something new in this season of Call Of Duty Mobile, as they have in prior seasons. The previous season 8 grew in popularity as a result of the additional items that players obtained. Call of Duty users’ enthusiasm will grow once again since Call of Duty season 9 is on the horizon, bringing with it a slew of surprises. Call of Duty season 9 will be available very soon. Because all data leakers and collectors got quite active in this topic. This information comes from the Chinese version of COD Mobile.

New Characters in CODM

imageThere are several new characters. These characters will be available in Call of Duty Mobile very soon. We have some statistics based on leaked material here. This does not guarantee that all of the information presented in this article will be available in Call of Duty Mobile.

CODM Season 9 Leaks

1. Wicht Warden

Wicht Warden will be accessible in CODM: WWII Zombies. If a player want to obtain this character, he must finish the entire challenge. The concept for this challenge is “Cold Blood.”

2. Vasquez

Vasquez plays the role of a lieutenant. He was in command of Paul Jackson’s 1st Force Reconnaissance unit in Call Of Duty Mobile’s American-Middle Eastern combat missions during this season.

3. Nikolai Belinski

In Call of Duty Mobile, Nikolai Belinski is a military character and surgent in the Russian army. Alternative characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops III include The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, and Gorod Krovi.

4. Kamarov

In Call of Duty, the character Kamarov is also a soldier in the Russian army. Surgent Kamarov’s job is to assist Captain Price’s unit. He is a hero as well as a traveller.

5. Vivian Harris

Vivian Harris is a helpful character. In Call of Duty Mobile, this character serves as an agent. Vivian Harris was a member of the Bureau of Archaic Technologies in “Nazi Zombies,” and she helped the organisation stop Peter Straub’s zombies. Vivian Harries was also Arthur Crowley’s business partner. Harris helped the 1st Infantry Division repel German V-2 rockets.

6.?Edward Richtofen

Edward Richtofen, the main character, is both a doctor and a scientist. For the Zombie narrative, he was a scientist. This character may be used in the Zombie game mode.

7. Victor Reznov

This is a pivotal character in the CODM: World at War and Black Ops series. During World War II, this figure served as a Russian squad leader for the Red Army.

8. Carver Butcher?

This figure is a member of the British Special Forces. Carver Butcher was a typical British unit to guard from the Undead Attack, Liberty Strikes.

More, that you will get in season 9 of CODM

The game now includes three different styles of Lamborghini automobile skins. In addition, a new character named Alias has been added to COD mobile. Users will be able to view a new BR class called grasshopper. Four gun designs are also shown, including the AK-47, PP 19 Bizon, BK57, and Kilo 141 gun. The MX9 skin has also been added to the Chinese version of COD Mobile. According to certain leaks, Gunzo S9 will participate in season 9.


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