First Class Trouble | a Better Among Us ?

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First Class Trouble | a Better Among Us ?

First Class Trouble is a party game in which players must collaborate and compete to survive a tragedy. The goal is to disable a lethal A.I. Some players are imposters, masquerading as human-like killer robots focused on betraying the other players.

?First Class Trouble, an “online social deduction game” that debuted on P.C., is now available for PlayStation. It combines meta-gaming in the vein of The Last of Us with customisation choices and a more realistic art style.

You play as either a resident or a “Personoid” who pretends to be a genuine person while working to undermine the humans in each round of the game. As in Among Us, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and Prop Hunt, your mission is to ensure that no one detects anything out of the norm or to spot individuals hiding in plain sight.

Sabotaging the oxygen and other tried-and-true meta-gaming duties are all on the table in First Class Trouble, albeit you’ll have many more options than in Among Us, with far more headgear and colours to choose from. Is it possible to ask players a question that only a robot would get wrong? Unless you’re the robot attempting to deceive us?

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First Class Trouble Release Date

First Class Trouble will be released on November 2 for both the PS4 and the PS5. It’s also a free PlayStation Plus game for November.

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Invisible Walls ApS’s First Class Trouble is a social deduction game. The game takes place on an intergalactic cruise ship. The players are divided into two teams on the cruise. Similarly. the Residents, the first team, are tasked with gathering information about their fellow passengers. Then, this information to eliminate suspects of being untrustworthy Personoids.

They must next turn off the onboard Central Artificial Intelligence Network (CAIN). The opposing squad, the robotic Personoids, must either employ CAIN to gain control of the ship or simply eliminate all Residents. During the State of Play, Sony confirmed that the game would be available on PS5 and PS4 on November 2 for free to P.S. Plus users. It fulfils Sony’s pledge to include day-one titles in the PlayStation Plus lineup.

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Can You Get Banned from First Class Trouble?

In first-class problems, you can be banned both temporarily and permanently.

Temporary bans: We may send you a warning if you breach our policies. Violations of our policies on a regular basis may result in temporary restrictions on access to FCT.

Permanent ban: Your access to the game may be revoked if you commit extreme or repeated offences. Also, if you attempt to avoid suspensions by using several accounts.


Can You Play First Class Trouble with Less than 6?

Unfortunately, NO. It is a multiplayer party game for a total of six participants.


Is first class trouble multiplayer?

First Class Trouble is a cooperative and deceptive multiplayer party game.

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Does First Class trouble have matchmaking?

Sometimes First Class difficulty with matchmaking, but you can notice in the matchmaking lobby menu that you will have the opportunity to establish a private lobby for games solely with your pals.


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