How to Fix BGMI Server Error

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How to Fix BGMI Server Error

The BGMI game has received a lot of popularity in recent years. But with its progress, it seems to have some issues related to the server. As of now the players are facing Server not responding error. As of now, some users are facing  server did not respond error in the game. So we will know how to fix bgmi server error in this helpful article.

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Some users get a message ” server did not respond. Please return to the login page and try again ” error in the game. Sometimes this error occurs because of the 300 to 390 ping

Why do players face the server error:

The players of the game experience this error because of a lot of reasons and some of them are discussed below:

  • Because of the low connection.
  • Because of the 300-390+ ping

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How to fix BGMI server error

You can follow the following ways to solve the issue very easily. These methods will definitely  solve the server error issue on your game

1. Restart the Game:

By restarting the Game you might be able to solve this issue. Restarting your game will shut it down and will open the game without any errors.

2. Change to wifi Network:


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Oftenly this error occurs because of the  low network, so by simply changing into a different network you solve this server issue

3. Restart the Device


Restarting your device oftentimes solves all the problems of your game. So we recommend you restart your device to solve the issue

Will trying these methods solve the issue:

By trying these methods we assure you that your games will run as before this error. These ways will definitely solve the problem.


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If your issue has been solved and you have found how to fix bgmi server error then that’s great, but if your issue hasn’t been yet solved then you can try clearing up your cache or reinstalling the game.

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People Also Ask for:

1. Why is a server issue in bgmi?

Ans. This is because of the slow network of the users. You can either change into the better network. if you are on a cellular network, change into wifi.

2. What ping causes server issues in bgmi?

Ans. Ping 300-390 + ping causes server error in bgmi. Because of the high ping on the game, the server error occurs most often times. So try to avoid having high ping.

3. What is Server did not respond in bgmi?

Ans. This is the error in the game due to the low connectivity. This causes because of the low network.To avoid it you can change into a better network

4.How to fix bgmi error.

Ans.Try these steps

-Change into a better network. If you are using the cellular network, change into a better network

-Restart both game and your device. Often times restarting the game solves all the error in the game.

by following these steps you can fix bgmi server error.

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