How to quickly level up in Fortnite, gain XP

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How to quickly level up in Fortnite, gain XP

In Fortnite, leveling up is a necessary part of the game, but is there a method to accomplish it faster?

fortnite gold ed Realizing how to level up quickly in Fortnite is important if you want to move quickly through the battle pass and have accessibility to all of the season’s rewards. Obviously, there seem to be no cheat codes or loopholes in Fortnite that will offer you a massive level increase, but there are ways you can take to guarantee you’re collecting the most XP and advancing through the battle pass as quickly as possible.

Completing weekly missions will win you prizes.

fortnite?Unlike in the past, when you needed to buy the battle pass to accomplish objectives and challenges, you no longer need to spend V-Bucks to do so. Every week, new sets of quests are published, and they’re essential for levelling up quickly in Fortnite since you’ll presently receive 30,000 XP every quest, which means you might earn up to 420,000 XP per week from them – enough to rocket you up the ranks in no time.

If you’re having trouble with any of the Fortnite missions, we have walkthroughs for all of the difficult assignments from each week in our helpful guide. Keep in mind that Legendary Quests are only available for a week at a time, so stay on top of these weekly chores to maximise your XP rewards.

Finish the daily quests.

fortniteYou might not have seen, but there are three green (uncommon rarity) daily missions at the bottom of your quests list, each with a brief countdown timer. These are usually basic jobs like gathering resources, finding chests, or catching fish, and they vary every 24 hours, but you’ll get 17,000 XP for each one you accomplish, providing another another way to level up quickly in Fortnite. As you complete these daily tasks, more ones will appear, but they are only for 1,700 XP apiece, so the size of the prizes quickly diminishes.

Every day at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET / 3 p.m. BST, the general refresh occurs, so make sure you’re checking in to take advantage of these possibilities.

To accomplish missions faster, play with others and use Party Assist.

fortniteYou’ll note that some of the missions on your list have a Party Assist tag next to them, which implies that while you’re playing in team modes, your whole squad can contribute to the objective. This is particularly useful if you’re having trouble reaching a specific quest milestone, and even if you don’t have any pals to buddy up with, you may still join Team Rumble to benefit from any progress made by the others with whom you’ve been paired.


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