New World Server Transfer Update Release Date

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New World Server Transfer Update Release Date

Update on the Fresh World Server Transfer: So, I got some new information on the New World game today. We’re back with some exciting news. Because of all the queue times and such, they had suggested something about free character transfers around the time of debut. Recently, there has been some new information on the subject. So we’re going to dig right in and see what all of that implies. So, in this post, I’ll provide you some information about the server transfer in New World.

What had they said?

Starting at the top, our team has been working really hard to complete this feature test. “By them,” I just said. To a location where we are confident it will perform as expected. While we hope that everyone finds a long-term home in a tournament as quickly as possible. We also want to make sure that the method is seam-free and accessible to everyone. That’s great. I’m delighted they’re taking their time with it since the last thing we want is for the servers transfer release day to be a fiasco, full of bugs and glitches. That wouldn’t be good since it would be all over the place.

Token for the server

So, continuing on, it adds that during testing, we discovered some edge instances where the transfer experience did not meet our release criteria, which means we will need to take some extra time to remedy these issues before we can confirm that you are comfortable issuing everyone their server token. As a result, the fact that it’s free is a plus. I also enjoy the fact that it’s a token. This suggests that we may see more of it in the future.


imageFAQs and the company’s contribution

So, in order to keep everyone informed and ensure that players know what to expect, we’d like to address some of the most frequently asked questions. We’ve seen how the server transfer will work, and now we’re down. “How do I transfer my character?” it says here. You’ll need to log in as your character. That means keeping an eye out for any relevant cues. Go to the in-game store and look for a new tab to claim your character transfer. You must resign from your company and cancel any active trade post sell and buy orders. In addition, your character must be based in a sanctuary as a settlement or outpost.

So that’s a little bit of easy criteria to meet there, the whole leave you company thing, which makes sense because you’re going to be migrating to another server. This is what I believe.


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