Omlet Arcade for Android screen recording and live streaming

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Omlet Arcade for Android screen recording and live streaming

Omlet Arcade App’s description

Omlet Arcade is the place to be if you want to play some fantastic games with your friends.
Use our virtual live streaming and gaming network to play Minecraft multiplayer and create worlds with people all over the world.

To better your gameplay, live stream your best moments and team up with new pals. Omlet Arcade supports and has a community for all mobile games!

Stream your games to Omlet and other major social media networks to show off your skills. Meet new gamers, play with them, and rise to the top!

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Highlights of the feature:

* Multiplayer mode in Minecraft
Through our unique multiplayer mode, you can instantly join your friends’ Minecraft games or host your own. With just one click, you may download new worlds and mods from our community of creators.
Share your creations and work together to create something incredible.


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* Tournaments on the go

Omlet Arcade’s most recent feature – Tournaments – entered into a new era of mobile esports.
To have fun, display your skill, and win trophies and other benefits, host and participate in tournaments in all of the famous mobile games. Play as a solo, duet, squad, or team.
– Simple registration – Invite codes for teams
– Assembling an auto squad
– The creation of brackets
– Chat rooms for matches
It’s never been easier to participate in mobile esports! Simultaneously stream and compete in competitions. (Remember to utilise broadcast delay to prevent stream sniping and ensure a fair competition!)

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*?Omlet Plus Premium features include:

– Unlimited, high-resolution mobile multi-streaming to Omlet and other prominent social networking platforms
– An RTMP link that you can use to stream to any other platform
– Animated profile frames only to Premium users – Overlays available only to Premium subscribers – Stream performance reports
– Vibrant real-time messages
– Image with custom watermark, thumbnail, and Shield Mode – There’ll be a lot more!

* Access to live streaming for free on your preferred platform

Stream popular mobile games to Omlet and other major social media platforms from your phone to share great game experiences with other players! (Android 5.0 and higher required.)
Omlet allows you to stream and multi-stream to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and any other platform that supports RTMP streaming.

* 1-1 private gaming sessions with your favourite streamer or pro player with the Pro Play Book! Rank up with your friends, get coaching, or just spend some quality time with your favourite streamer.

* Overlays on Streams
Upgrade your stream with cool stream overlays: to stand out and become a top streamer, apply special, seasonal, or game-focused overlays.
* Donations and in-app currency
Buff your favourite streamers with Omlet tokens and presents to show your appreciation. With the special streamer subscriptions, you may become a streamer sponsor.

* Streaming by the Squad
For a fun, collaborative gaming experience, form a squad, invite your friends, and broadcast together.

* Esports Community for Mobile Devices
Join in community matches hosted by your favourite streamers, or watch top players compete in clan scrimmages and worldwide esports events.

* Voice chat in-game
Unlimited real-time group audio chat makes it simple to plan in-game attacks with your teammates or simply relax and speak.

* Organize clubs and communities and join them.
Join a group of people who share your interests in games, sketching, anime, roleplaying, memes, and other topics.

* Video editor and loop recording
To share with your friends and teammates, record and edit awesome footage of your best game moments.

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