Patch Notes For Fortnite Update 18.10

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Patch Notes For Fortnite Update 18.10

UPDATE: On consoles and PC, Fortnite update 18.10 is now available.

Epic Games has pulled Fortnite offline for server maintenance as part of the new update.
The outage is expected to occur from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. BST. According to an Epic article, “we’re starting to disable matchmaking in preparation for the v18.10 release, with server downtime beginning soon.” Epic Games is getting set to release a new update for Fortnite on the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

The release date for Fortnite update 18.10 is September 28 at 9 a.m. BST.

However, because it is a numbered update, version 18.10 will be accompanied by a period of server downtime. At roughly 8.30 a.m. BST, services will begin to be turned off, before being completely offline at 9 a.m. Although there is no formal downtime plan, the game normally returns online within a few hours. The Chug Splash recovery item has been added to the new download, according to the patch notes for update 18.10. The new item restores 20 health while also increasing speed.

?Issues in General…

? Using the Discover UI to scroll

– We’re looking into an issue in the Discover UI that causes the players section to return to the beginning of the row while scrolling.

Battle Royale Issues…

? After reaching a specific storm circle phase, crash site slip streams will not be disabled.
We are aware that beyond a certain storm circle, the Crash site slip streams do not disable.
? When vehicles collide with Mothership wreckage, they take a lot of damage.
Please be careful that cars may collide with Mothership debris pieces at crash locations and sustain significant damage, potentially causing you to be removed.
Why When the Dark Jonesy Stage 2 quest “Stoke a Campfire” is completed, it does not advance the game.
When the Dark Jonesy Stage 2 quest “Stoke a Campfire” is completed, it does not advance the game.
? War Effort products are not displayed in the chosen language on donation boards.

– Players who have chosen a language other than English will not be able to view the names of the goods available to give to in the War Effort in that language.

Creative Issues…

? When players jump through Barriers, they are transported.

– When a player jumps into a Barrier Device, they will be transported in an unpredictable manner.

? Respawn is only allowed if the Spawn Pads Found setting isn’t working.

– We’re looking into an issue where the spawn pad settings aren’t working properly.

? Structures developed by the player cannot be put next to the Barrier Device.

– The Barrier Device prevents players from erecting constructions close to the device’s foundation.

?World Patch Notes…

? Using a controller, swapping Hero Loadouts in the Lobby is not possible.

– On all platforms, players may be unable to alter loadouts in the Lobby while using a Controller.

? Above lv 130, campfires are represented as 130.

– Campfires with a temperature greater than 130?F are displayed as 130?F.
This is a UI glitch, and Campfires with a level of 130 or higher will continue to work normally.

? Audio loops of the dungeon announcer saying “Found all coins”

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