Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection The privacy policies of BestApkModz describe how users’ personal information and other privacy rights are safeguarded when using our services. Therefore, by utilising these services, users have consented that BestApkModz may utilise such data. We will thus remove all copyrighted information created by serial infringers in accordance with the guidelines established by the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


User Consent

Users consent to BestApkModz collecting their personal information when downloading or installing material by utilising its services. You may not download or install any of the content offered by BestApkModz if you or your legal guardian disagrees with the terms of service or the privacy statement.

Personal Information

The protection of our user’s personal information is crucial. User’s private information will only be used by BestApkModz in connection with the content they have submitted. Additionally, BestApkModz Services will only use personal information to ensure a flawless user experience. Unless there is a clear legal breach, we will never divulge any user information.


Data and Information Given:

  • Your geographic location
  • 3Data about your mobile device, including its model, operating system, and name
  • Information about your PC, including its operating system and browser
  • Information about your behaviour on our website
  • Your ratings and comments
  • a list of your cookie data
  • the details of your IP


What is Done With the Information:

  • To personalise the available App for you
  • To make your experience more unique
  • To provide you with more services and Apps that we believe you might find interesting.
  • To stop fraud and crime

BestApkModz has the right to modify its privacy policies at any time in order to preserve the effectiveness and consistency of information. For any concerns or issues regarding privacy policies, users may contact the BestApkModz Support Team at any time.