Pubg New State Controller Support | The Working Controller

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Pubg New State Controller Support | The Working Controller

That is the question posed by fans of the new smartphone battle royale game. When playing mobile opponents, players on both Android and iOS smartphones desire to connect external controllers for greater precision. Fear not, as we delve into PUBG: New State controller support, revealing which controllers are compatible with both Android and iPhone.



Table of Contents:

  1. ?What is PUBG: New State?
  2. Does PUBG: New State support controllers?
  3. Future Of Controller Support in PUBG New State
  4. Why Krafton Restrict
  5. Conclusion



What Is Pubg New State?

PUBG New State was always going to be a significant event for the mobile gaming community since it was positioned to be the next stage in the evolution of PUBG Mobile ? a real sequel. As much as the Indian gaming community adores BGMI, New State felt like a return to PUBG Mobile in a brand-new style that seems familiar yet fresh in all the right ways.

Pubg New State Controller Support

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Does PUBG New State support controllers?

PUBG: New State currently lacks controller support, and there is no word on whether Krafton plans to add it in the future. The rationale for the lack of this feature could be to keep the game fair for everyone, similar to how playing on an emulator is disallowed.

pubg new state controller


Is PUBG New State compatible with Android and iPhone controllers?

External controllers are not permitted in PUBG: New State. At the moment, you can only play using the touch screen on your mobile device.

Pubg New State Controller Support

Yes, players who are looking forward to hooking up a controller to play PUBG: New State will be disappointed.

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Future Of Controller Support in PUBG New State

Of course, Krafton’s decision could be reversed in the future. PUBG: Young State is still a very new game, so expect modifications and changes to the quality of life as time goes on. If there is enough demand for controller support ? and if it is determined that it will not disrupt the game’s balance ? it may be added in the future. However, according to our research, this has yet to be confirmed. So don’t get your hopes up just yet.


Why Krafton is Restricting Controller Support?

Developer Krafton announced that external controllers and emulators would not work with the game in a media preview in October 2021. This is considered as part of a larger attempt to level the playing field in PUBG: New State. Krafton’s priority as a mobile-only title separate from the main PUBG game is to make it as fair as possible.

Pubg New State Controller Support

As a result, using a controller will not provide you an advantage over your opponents. Having this device would allow for more exact targeting and shooting than fumbling with the touchscreen. As such, it’s a decision made with a sense of proportion in mind. Because everyone is obliged to use the same control style, the only way to defeat your opponents is by sheer skill.

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By providing enhanced controls, PUBG: New State hopes to provide an immersive gameplay experience. Furthermore, due of the existence of physical buttons, utilising a controller makes this work much easier. Players can link their Xbox One and DualShock 4 controllers to mobile games such as Call of Duty: Mobile. Here’s your answer if you’re wondering if that’s the case with PUBG: New State.



If you’re having trouble controlling your in-game character in PUBG: New State, you can change the controls in the options. In addition, you can use the training mode to practise getting acclimated to the touch controls as many times as you wish.

Pubg New State Controller Support

The comprehensive explanation of all the controls options available in PUBG: New State can be seen in the game’s media showcase video below.

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