PUBG New State Crashing Problem Fixed

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PUBG New State Crashing Problem Fixed

Problem and Solution for PUBG New State Crashing: After a lengthy wait, PUBG New State was released for both Android and iOS users. Because of its features and visuals, PUBG New State has become the most anticipated game. Since Krafton and PUBG New State revealed this game, players have been anticipating it with bated breath. This game’s popularity stems from the fact that it conveys a sense of the future. You may feel as though you are in the year 2050 when playing this game. This game has a lot of new and sophisticated features. The latest state of PUBG delivers visuals similar to PC-games that are available on smart phones.

Following the release of this game, numerous users claimed that PUBG New State crashed when opening. Some users have reported that their game failed after logging in. On some devices, the game displays an error screen as well as an open browser screen. And it claims that you are cheating the game by running a third-party programme in the background. The majority of people who have encountered these issues are Android users. This crashing issue affects iOS users less than Android users. So, in the following stages, we will acquire all remedies for crashing PUBG new state:-

Examine the minimal device system requirements.

As most users are aware, PUBG’s new status necessitates minimal specs. PUBG’s new state will work well on a limited amount of RAM and an older version of Android. For playing PUBG new state smoothly, a minimum of 2GB of RAM is necessary, as well as Android 6.0 or above. These are some prerequisites. If your device does not meet these criteria, you will be unable to play PUBG new state. Even if you install it, you will be unable to play.

1. Disable the developer option.

First If you want to repair the PUBG New State crashing and not opening issue, you must disable the developer option on your mobile device. According to the official update from PUBG New State, players should disable the developer option before playing.

How to Disable the Developer Option-

1.On your Android device open the Settings app.
2.Look for Developer Option in the Settings app’s search bar.
3.Select Developer Option.
4.Disable the Developer Option now.


If you are still experiencing the same issue, try the solutions listed below.

2. Attempt to restart your cell phone.
The Android version comes in a variety of flavours. As a result, you must restart your device. All system programmes will be restarted to detect modifications made in the developer option.

3. Delete the PUBG New State app’s cache data.
As you attempted to play the game, all opening data was saved as cache data. You must clear the cache files of PUBG New State. Navigate to app details and touch the storage icon. Then, on cache data, clear all cache data.

4. Attempt to get PUBG New State from legitimate applications or websites.
Krafton Ins. expressly states that this game should not be downloaded from any third-party website or app. As a result, you should have to get it from the iOS store or the Google Play store. If you have previously downloaded the programme from these shops, remove it and reinstall it.

We hope that these procedures will solve your problem, so have fun with your game.


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