Release Date of BGMI M4 Royal Pass Complete Leaks

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Release Date of BGMI M4 Royal Pass Complete Leaks

We all know that the BGMI M4 Royal Pass release date is one of the most eagerly awaited royal passes in BGMI. Krafton has not yet announced an exact date for the introduction of the M4 Royal Pass, although a date of October 17th, 2021 is predicted. So, in this post, we will cover all you need to know about the BGMI M4 Royal Pass release date, prizes, features, and so on.

We are all aware that BGMI is one of those games that is always attempting to introduce new features such as new Outfits, new weapons, new weapon skins, new vehicle skins, and so on. As a result, many Krafton gamers are already ecstatic and eagerly anticipating the new Royal Pass.

How to Get the BGMI M4 Royal Pass

It is extremely sad that gamers will not be able to obtain the BGMI M4 Royal Pass for free! So, in order to acquire the Elite Royal Pass, players must pay 360 UC, and in order to get the Elite Royal Pass Plus, players must spend a total of 960 UC. The good news is that all gamers will receive a coupon for 60 UC. To make it more challenging and rewarding, if you reach rank 30 in the current season, you will receive an additional 60 UC. Players may do the same in month 2 to earn an extra 60 UC.


imageRewards for BGMI M4 Royal Pass

We would be glad to assist you in assessing the benefits of the M4 Royal Pass.

1. AKM and Chrono Cyborg set – Rank 1

2. Chrono Cyborg cover (Rank 5)

3. Chrono Cyborg Helmet (Rank 10)

4. Mouse Trap – UAZ vehicle (Rank 20).

5. Ivory Knight Ornament and Mecha Bruiser Emote at Rank 30

6. Rank 40 – Mini 14 Exclusive (Footlong)

7. Rank 50  Mecha Bruiser Cover and Set.

All of the prizes are unique and have their own allure. The AKM Chrono Cyborg appears to be quite LIT.

The Mouse Trap UAZ is a brand-new addition to the M4 Royal Pass. This gives the current UAZ a highly distinct, daring, and gleaming appearance. We are confident that die-hard BGMI fans are already planning to acquire the Royal Pass in order to obtain this special vehicle skin.

As we all know, the BGMI will now have three ranking systems in one cycle. Previously, new Royal Passes were sent every two months, however, this has since been reduced to once a month. The maximum RP rank has also been raised to 50.


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