Supercharger Bolts AN94 In Free Fire

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Supercharger Bolts AN94 In Free Fire

Garena created the game Supercharger Bolts AN94: Free Fire. Free Fire is one of the world’s most popular Battle Royale games. The game is so popular that it is the highest-grossing mobile game in the world. People enjoy this game due of its bright and appealing design, which makes the whole user experience seamless and enjoyable.

To make it more appealing, developers add new weapon skins and characters, as well as some under-the-hood changes. Supercharger Bolts AN94 is one of the latest versions. A new AN94 gun skin has been added in the game. Excited? Let’s see what we have to say about Supercharger Bolts AN94 in this article. –

Supercharger Bolts AN94 Making its Debut

In Free Fire Many individuals are drawn to bright visuals and design, particularly children and teens. People enjoy playing colourful games. This game has gained so much buzz that Free Fire was voted the “most favourite mobile game” in 2020 by Google play store users.

A new AN94 skin will be added to the game to provide more colour. The gun is an assault rifle that only fires assault rounds. According to rumours, this skin will be available through diamond spins on December 1, 2021. We’re going to share some facts about the AN94’s forthcoming Supercharger Bolts AN94 skin with you in this post.

How to get Supercharger Bolts AN94?

  • This Supercharger Bolts AN94 skin will be unlocked with diamond spins.
  • You can do one spin with 40 gems.
  • It will cost 400 diamonds to spin ten times.
  • If you spin 10 times with 400 diamonds, you will receive 1 free spin. You must pay 400 diamonds on the second spin option.
  • There will be four different skins available for the gun.
  • These four hues will be the gun skin colours: red, blue, purple, and green.
  • The cannon will have four unique upgrades based on its four different hues. So four skins are worthwhile.
  • This event will take place on December 1, 2021. So put it in your calendar.
  • The Supercharger Bolts AN94 skin event will only be available for a limited time. So try to acquire it before it’s too late.

image?That’s all there is to say about the forthcoming event Supercharger Bolts AN94 spin. This will almost certainly increase the level of excitement among the participants. Start saving your diamonds for the skin now. Alternatively, if you’re out of skins, attempt to obtain some top-ups from your pocket money.

Stay tuned to our website for additional future details and leaks concerning Supercharger Bolts AN94 and other planned upgrades.


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