The Good Life All You Need To Know

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The Good Life All You Need To Know

The Good Life is going to release on 15october 202. We want to share all the information we have yet, So that you can decide if you should buy it or not. Also The Good Life is going to be available on Xbox Gamepass.


Rainy Woods welcomes you

Naomi Hayward, a journalist, is drowning in debt and at the end of her tether.
Naomi finds herself in Rainy Woods, far from her home in New York, after accepting a request from The Morning Bell newspaper to “uncover the secret of a small English community.”
When Naomi begins her research with her camera in hand, she discovers an unexplainable phenomenon in which the townspeople morph into cats and dogs when night falls…
Then, just as she’s finishing up her investigation into that particular case, a murder happens…
As she tries to uncover the truth about Rainy Woods, join her.


As a person, a cat, or a dog, solve mysteries!

Naomi finally gains the ability to turn into a cat or dog.
Change into a cat and you’ll be able to jump and climb all over town, or become a dog and utilise your keen sense of scent to track down the town’s occupants.
as person ,cat or dog
Make the most of your abilities as a human, cat, and dog to solve the different mysteries and situations you’ll encounter.

Make money by taking pictures

Naomi earns money as a journalist by photographing Rainy Woods at the request of The Morning Bell and the town’s residents.

a good lifeShe might also be able to earn enough money to make life in this little town a little easier if she can manage to shoot images of whatever is trendy on social networking site “Flamingo” and boost her number of followers.

Have fun in your new town

In Rainy Woods, a free and easy life is yours to enjoy as long as you have the money.
Gardening, brushing up on your cooking talents, exploring the plains, and sharing a drink with your fellow citizens at the local pub…

town- the good life


Maintain a healthy diet, get enough of rest, keep oneself looking good and tidy, and take pleasure in everyday living in Rainy Woods.


Explore Rainy Woods, a big and sprawling community.

Rainy Woods is full of interesting places to visit as well as a variety of happenings that are just waiting to happen.
Explore the surrounding areas to find shrines and camping spots, broaden your field of mobility, and relax in the spacious environment.
It’s so much fun to hop on a sheep and ride around the hills!

So guys now you have to decide if you want? to have this game in your game library or not we will definitely recommend to get Xbox Gamepass and try this game and if you like the gameplay purchase it from steam or other possible platforms.

Approximate game size- 3.76GB

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