Top 10 Best PUBG Players in the world 2022

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Top 10 Best PUBG Players in the world 2022

Here’s the List Top 10 Professional PUBG players in the world Player name Team Nation 
1.JonathanGodlike esportsIndia
2.ScoutOPTeam X SparkIndia
3.BTR ZuxxyBigetron RAIndonesia
4.33SvanFour Angry MenChina
5.RRQ EarnnyRRQ AthenaThailand
6.MortalTeam SoulIndia
7.XQF OrderNova esportsChina
8.XQF ParaboyNova esportsChina
10.TQ MarcoTeam QuesoUruguay



Jonathan Godlike

Jonathan is another a more well known PUBG Esports player. He is a top-tier player that plays in major PUBG leagues and tournaments throughout the world. Jonathan also has a YouTube channel, which has almost 2.09 million subscribers. He is a two-finger player who constantly uses Gyro when playing. Jonathan is the finest Gyroscope player in the world.



ScoutOP may be familiar to Indian PUBG players. He is one of India’s most notable PUBG gamers. Scout, also known as Tanmay Singh, has a YouTube channel where he posts PUBG material. Scout has almost 3.49 million subscribers on YouTube. He is the first Indian to gain the rank of PUBG Conqueror. He was the first Indian to compete in the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Asia in 2018, and he earned first place in the Qume Bitcoin Cup and Fighting League 2018-India.

3.BTR Zuxxy



Made Bagas “Zuxxy” Pramudita is Bigetron RA’s in-game commander. BTR Zuxxy is Indonesia’s most popular PUBG Mobile player. Zuxxy also has a YouTube channel named Zuxxy Gaming. Zuxxy is the BTR team’s IGL. He plays with four fingers and loves to use a gyroscope. Zuxxy was the first Esports Awards Esports Mobile Player of the Year winner. In addition, he had almost 1.7 million subscribers.




33Svan, a well-known sniper and supporter, is broadly accepted as the top PUBG player. He won the PUBG Mobile World Championship League and came in second place in the 2021 World Championship. He was also selected PMGC’s MVP throughout the league stage. He also holds the titles of Damage Master and Last Man Standing at PMGC.

5.RRQ Earnny


RRQ Earnny

RRQ Earnny is a popular PUBG assaulter who mostly participates in scrims and PUBG events. His 1v1 close combat triumphs catapulted him to worldwide stardom. In addition, he is the most adept DMT user. He is currently regarded as one of the finest PUBG mobile gamers in the world, owing to his successes and superior gaming abilities. Since joining RRQ Athena, Earnny has played a vital part in the team’s progress.

6.SOUL Mortal 


SOUL Mortal

Mortal is one of India’s greatest PUBG players. Mortal, also known as Naman Mathur, was born and educated in Mumbai and founded his YouTube channel, which today has over 6.35 million subscribers. He is also one of India’s greatest esports players. Mortal is a 4 finger clay method dominatrix and the Soul Clan boss. He won the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Sprint Split India and the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019.

7.XQF Paraboy

Paraboy 1

On our list of the greatest PUBG players in the world, XQF Paraboy is placed first. XQF Paraboy’s true name is Zhu Bocheng. He is referred to be the PUBG Mobile deity. Paraboy is perhaps the most steady and MVP in regional and global events held all through the world. Paraboy is a Chinese assaulter who is regarded as one of the strongest PUBG Mobile gamers on the globe. He was awarded MVP of the just-completed PEC 2020. Nova XQF, his club, won both the PEL Season 2 and the PEC 2020.

8.XQF Order

XQF Order 1024x1024 1

Cheng Zehai has been ranked 2nd on our list of the world’s top ten best PUBG players. XQF Order is another name for him. Zehai is a player of the XQF club. In terms of PUBG, he is China’s top player. He played for PEL with Paraboy in 2019. Order is supreme in close-range battle. Many have nicknamed him “the next great thing” in the Esports field. He has yet to openly disclose his PUBG Mobile Global Version viewpoint.


coffinpubg 44524791 597453864005620 8615914566975012042 n 1024x1024 1

Coffin is a well-known PUBG gamer across the world. He is also a content creator who uploads his work on YouTube. Coffin had 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube. He is Turkey’s top PUBG player. His full name is Asimaltan Yucel.

In PUBG Mobile, he seems to be well for his two-finger skills. His journey with his gaming channel began in 2017, and he has never looked back since. He was widely recognised as one of the top 10 PUBG gamers in the world.

10.TQ Marco

1637494419 11

Marco Poppitti, better known as TQ Marco, is widely recognised as one of the world’s finest PUBG Mobile gamers. Marco’s accomplishment led him in becoming the continent’s greatest PUBG player. His performance cannot be overstated, and he remains his country’s PUBG mobile royal prince. Marco took first place in the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Americas and the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South America.

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