Top 3 Open World Games Like Minecraft on Playstore

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Top 3 Open World Games Like Minecraft on Playstore


Minecraft is one of the most downloaded games in the history of games. And many players already have played the mobile version of it. Minecraft Mobile Edition is undoubtedly a well-developed game and provides players with similar gameplay as Java and Bedrock Edition. But the controls and experience are not rich as the PC version. Open World Games for mobile. So today, I am showing you the latest and unique sandbox and Openworld games. If you love Minecraft and want to play in an open world environment where the limit is only of imagination, you should try them out.


Ark: Survival Evolved | Open World Games

ARK: Survival Evolved is the ultimate mobile dinosaur experience! A vast gaming environment is combined with 80+ diverse dinosaurs and primaeval creatures.? You can catch and nurture, resulting in an unrivalled survival experience. In this Jurassic-era environment, gather with other gamers and friends to establish tribes and work together to build survival colonies.


Ark Survival Mobile Open World Game 2


Features :

  1. Use deft strategy and tactics to tame, train, ride, and breed the numerous dinosaurs and other primaeval species that wander the dynamic, persistent ecosystems over land, sea, air, and even underground.
  2. Explore a large living and breathing prehistoric world while searching for ways to survive, thrive, and escape aboard the Ark. Open World Games for Mobile.
  3. Using whatever means necessary to survive, create weapons, clothing, and objects, as well as shelters, villages, and even vast cities.
  4. Survive Alone or With Others: Survive in a large-scale multiplayer environment with hundreds of other players. You can also prey on them in single-player mode.
  5. The ‘Tribe’ system promotes collaboration by allowing dynamic groups to share resources, XP, and respawn points.

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Pocket City | Open World Games

Pocket City, like almost every other city-building simulator, is a sandbox game. You may create a city from the ground up, including buildings, roads, utilities, and other features. In addition, the game includes a live economy that you can customise by adjusting tax rates and the density of the facilities you build. There are several city builders on mobile, but we enjoy Pocket City since it’s a paid game with no microtransactions, so it is driven entirely by you and your decisions. The premium edition is only $2.99, and it’s free if you have Google Play Pass.Open World Games

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Roblox Mobile

Roblox is another older sandbox game that is still popular on smartphones. The game is entirely about player freedom, with the ability to create an entire universe and do numerous things in the game . You can ofcourse play alone or with others, and it would take months to detail everything there is to do in the game. Open World Games .It’s no surprise that this game is popular, especially among sandbox specialists, given the sheer quantity of the stuff you can create yourself along with player-created options . The game may also sync your account across platforms, allowing you to play on a console, a PC, or your phone if desired.Open World Games

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