Top 5 Games like A Way Out

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Top 5 Games like A Way Out

A Way Out, Hazelight’s 2018 co-op adventure game, is quite unique in terms of co-op gameplay. If you’re looking for a game that allows you to collaborate with your co-op partner rather than just mindlessly shooting bad guys, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for games like A Way Out, check out the list below.

1.Monaco: What?s Yours Is Mine

imageWhat’s Yours Is Mine isn’t the only neon-drenched, co-op-fueled game on our list of A Way Out-inspired titles. It is, nevertheless, one of the most unique.

You and up to three other pals must work together to loot banks, museums, and police stations for money. While this sounds a lot like Payday, the bright visual design and top-down viewpoint make it unique.

Consider the frenetic action of Hotline Miami combined with the tactical gameplay of The Escapists.

If you like A Way Out’s concentration on illegal activities and co-op gameplay, Monaco is the experience for you. Even better, it’s very easy to learn and play, so you and your pals will be pulling out heists like professionals in no time.

2.It Takes Two


When two parents are on the verge of divorce, they are changed into dolls and must work together to overcome the numerous hurdles that have caused them troubles over the years. That hoover she broke and he couldn’t mend, the nagging toolbox… you get the picture.

It Takes Two comes from the same studio as A Way Out, but with a lighter, more humorous tone. Its vivid colours provide a wonderful experience, and the game continuously introduces new elements to keep the action interesting. If you like Hazelight Studios’ prior releases, you should definitely check this one out.


imageIf you believe you’ve put your friendship to the test by finishing A Way Out together, you’re incorrect.

Overcooked is a true test of the strength of your friendships. This is a game that takes pleasure in being a really stressful and frenetic experience, and it’s all the better for it (some could even argue it’s the Dark Souls of culinary games).

Working in groups of up to four, you must do your best to accomplish various meal orders and cook them to perfection. While that may appear to be an easy task, you will be met with a slew of difficulties along the way, ranging from sinking pirate ships to crowded intersections.

By the end, you and your pals will fully understand how anxious Gordon Ramsay feels in the kitchen. That is, assuming you still have any pals.

And if you do, you can get rid of the rest of them by forcing them to play Overcooked 2 with you!

4.Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

imageConsider yourself the pilot in Galaga for a moment. You’re trying to sail a ship, figure out who you’re going to shoot next, and escape enemy gunfire all as things go wrong left, right, and centre. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

You must control every part of a ship as you fly through space, attempting to defeat adversaries in your path.

It’s an experience that relies on teamwork as each person mans a different aspect of the ship, such as the ship’s flight route, a cannon, or the force field.

It’s another another game on this list that highlights the need of working together to solve issues, a lesson that A Way Out strongly instils in you. But its cutesy, neon-filled graphic style is only a cover for the game’s rampant difficulty, and you’ll wish you’d never left Earth after just a few minutes.

5.The Escapists

imageA Way Out capitalised on what made series like Prison Break so popular – the camaraderie, strategies, and complicated methods of escaping jails ? and if that’s precisely what you’re looking for in a game, The Escapists should be your next attempt.

You play as a basic prisoner wanting to escape and must work your way through progressively sophisticated jails, attempting to escape as fast and gracefully as possible.

But, in classic Prison Break form, the methods of escape get increasingly ludicrous as time passes.

Each jail has its own set of challenges, such as electric fences or tougher security, and you’ll spend a lot of time planning out just how you’ll pull off the ideal escape. But by the conclusion of the game, you’ll be able to escape anything that comes your way, and you might even be able to compete with Houdini.


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