What Can We Expect From Frostpunk 2 ?

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What Can We Expect From Frostpunk 2 ?

We all appreciated the fact that frostpunk was so hard on us just like a frost to our bodies.? But we are not done yet even after getting so many addons to the game after initial release in 24 April 2018. 11 bit studios has announced the sequel to Frostpunk. Release date is not confirmed yet but you can add this frosty title to your wishlist from steam. Once game is released will be available on steam, epic games, gog.

Frostpunk 2 is 30yrs after…

Frostpunk 2 is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed, BAFTA-nominated society survival game that pioneered a new genre by combining city-building, strategy, and management gameplay.
Its sequel is set 30 years after the devastating blizzard storm. Earth is still besieged by an ice atmosphere of perpetual frost and terrible weather.

Main Resource To Sustain Life

You take on the role of the leader of a resource-hungry metropolis where expansion and the search for new sources of power are unavoidable realities.
Conquering Frostland for the oil extraction business is supposed to be the new saviour of humanity after the era of coal. Change, on the other hand, is not easy, and not everyone in this new multi-layered society will be happy with this new course.

frostpunk 2 new resource gathering material: petrol

If you have played frostpunk you know the main resource for survival in that barren frost land was coal and wood. Using them you can survive the harsh conditions in game. But now developers are saying that this will be changed and you will get petroleum as your resource. Only those societies that can adapt to these changes while maintaining peace between their citizens will able to survive.

Various factions’ demands and expectations will elicit tensions and conflicts. But will ruthless rule and a Machiavellian approach to politics be required?
As the city’s eternal frigid grasp tightens and outside threats emerge. You’ll need to ensure that your people are united, motivated, and ready to make tough, inescapable sacrifices!

? About The Grand Vision Of Game

Jakub Stokalski, Frostpunk 2 Co-Director said that they want to provide players with an experience that is far superior to the original Frostpunk. They have more manpower available to focus on all parts of the game. From scale, production value, and UX quality, with a still-growing team of almost 70 people. But their objective is to produce more than a straight-up sequel, with a crew of nearly 70 people. Players can expect a vast array of options, as well as the flexibility to change society and the city as they see fit – and then reap the rewards.

Frostpunk 2 focuses on the issues of survival vs. human values, and life vs. the arctic frost. Which were explored in the first game. But most crucially, it introduces a new element that may be found in many aspects of the game. Such as politics, culture, and technical advancement: the clash between humans and nature.

What Players Want from Frostpunk 2

You know what co-director has to say about the game . Now for what we as gamers want from this game, is a beautiful stunning view to our world. While camera angles to previous frostpunk was also amazing. If we can just look it from a perspective of a person will be great maybe a way to just click on a npc and we can view the world from his eyes. I am not saying that this will happen in frostpunk 2 but i definately want this to happen.

Other then this i loved their normal story mode that was great. But they need to add some more obstacles in endless mode as it become pretty boring after a point as game repeats the same obstacles and there is nothing to do anymore for players. We just watch our world to survive one after another storm like they are nothing.

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