When and How to use Premium Crate Coupon in BGMI or PUBG

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When and How to use Premium Crate Coupon in BGMI or PUBG

BGMI provides players a variety of skins, costumes, and emotes. Players can obtain these things in a variety of ways. Opening boxes is one method to get this.
Crates are the greatest way to earn different in-game things like as skins, emotes, and costumes in the BGMI game.

When and how to use premium crate coupons in PUBG Mobile or BGMI?

premium crate pubgThe premium crate option in PUBG Mobile was dropped on May 31, 2020. Players are wondering what they should do with the premium crate vouchers they have in their inventory.

The premium crates are plainly absent in the above screenshot, and have been replaced by custom crates. According to an official release published by PUBG Mobile, these crates will return to the game very soon, and players will be able to redeem the coupons they have in their inventory.

When the administrator of the PUBG Mobile discord server was approached about premium crat, he responded as follows:

Players should not be concerned because they will be able to utilise the vouchers very soon. When the crates return to the game on June 21st, all players have to do is click the ‘use’ button.

Custom Crates in PUBG Mobile:-

For the time being, custom crates have taken the role of premium crates in PUBG Mobile. Players can choose to restrict specific products they don’t want and then open crates. In this way, they may personalize the contents of the crates.


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