Where is Rainbow Rentals Located in Fortnite

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Where is Rainbow Rentals Located in Fortnite


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When players exit the Battle Bus, there are a number of spots to land in Fortnite, and the vast majority of them fly to the main destinations. The lesser-known sites, on the other hand, usually see just a few visitors. Rainbow Rentals is a good place to start looking for a place to stay, and here’s how to locate it.

When the island was resurrected in Chapter 2, Season 1, Rainbow Rentals was introduced, and it has been a staple in the seasons since. It’s not a very significant site, but it’s presently attracting a lot of attention due to the presence of Banana Yellow bottles. Players must gather them in order to give their Toona Fishes the Banana Yellow hue.


fortnite?Where is Rainbow Rentals Located in Fortnite

Players must go southwest from Holly Hedges to the bottom part of the sandy shoreline region to reach Rainbow Rentals. It’s located immediately west of Shanty Town and shouldn’t be difficult to find. Look for the multicoloured beach homes with the words “Rainbow Rentals” on the HUD. Players who have never visited this area before will get extra XP.


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