Will GTA V Be Free Again On This Black Friday?

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Will GTA V Be Free Again On This Black Friday?

So suddenly from no where We saw a rumor spreading that GTA V is going to be free on next black Friday . To be sure we checked the rumor image, you can also see for yourself below.

GTA 5 Free tweet

Grammatical Errors In Tweet

So there are some problems with this picture, Firstly use of Apostrophe in player’s and game’s. Secondly check the last line “on the basis Black Friday”. So you guys can say that its not a big deal its just a grammatical error but we should understand that from a company link “Epic Games” its not normal to have these kind of mistakes in a single tweet .

After this we checked Epic Games tweet for ourselves but we didn’t find this tweet.

Real tweet epic games

So you can clearly see from here that we have no tweet from Epic games going to free GTA V on black Friday ,it is possible for them to delete their tweet but its not possible to add new tweet between two existing tweets, SO its totally confirmed that this rumor is fake.

One more reason is that, why the tweet from 4th September? is getting noticed on 22 September. We know that this is heart braking news for some of you , who still wanted GTA V. But as a reporter its my job to tell what is truth and what’s not.

How This Fake News Has Been Created

You can ask how this wrong image has been made at first place so there can be lots of ways but the most easier way to do it is by using inspection tab, there can be other ways as well like photo editing but inspection tab is easier to do as you only have to write few lines of code and here you have it, a fake image that can blow up the internet.

We hope that you got our point, we are not stating that GTA V cant be free on Epic Games. But this image is totally fake and has no connection with Epic Games at all.

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    Surya Bose

    All this fuzz has been created by an idiot having a youtube channel called- Indian e gaming. He did this only to get views.
    Now if gta v doesn’t come, indian e gaming will buy me one. Otherwise all of us WILL report so much….that his channel will be banned.

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